How to Extend a Plan Spreadsheet to 84 Months

We recently provided an 84-month plan spreadsheet for debtors with confirmed plans experiencing “material financial hardship” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But if you have a plan spreadsheeting you feel is just too complext to start over from scratch with, here’s a quick how-to on modifying an existing plan spreadsheet.

  1. Unhide row 65.

  2. Insert 24 rows above the now unhidden row 65. If you’re starting with a 36-month plan, the easiest thing to do is make it a 60-month plan first by putting a “60” in cell B4 before inserting these additional rows.

  3. AutoFill formulas by dragging from the bottom right corner of the cell with the formula you want to AutoFill to the last cell you need to fill.

  4. Update the sum formula calculations that currently only goes to the 64th row of each column being totaled to the 88th row for that column. Make sure to get the unsecured, debtor payment, and trustee fee columns. Once you get to the priority and secured claim columns, you can do the first one and then copy and paste from it to the remaining priority and secured claims.

  5. Finally, re-hide row 89 (née row 65) we unhid at the beginning.

That’s it, you did it. Stay safe out there.

Under the recently passed CARES Act, Chapter 13 debtors experiencing “material financial hardship” due to the Covid-19 pandemic may modify their confirmed plan to 84 months. Please note: only plans confirmed “prior to the enactment of this subsection” qualify. We...

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